Domestic Vanity Mirrors


DOMESTIC VANITY MIRRORS Drop-Down mirrors COLOURS AND MATERIALS Brushed Stainless Steel Arches fine texture black frame SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT INDIVIDUALITY Suspended vanity mirror system offers a unique and elegantsolution for couples seeking individuality in their dailygrooming routines.This innovative product features a pair of drop-down mirrors suspended from the ceiling, designed specifically for “his andher” use. […]

Mirror Stainless Steel Garden Shed Cladding

Stainless Steel Garden Shed

MIRROR STAINLESS STEEL GARDEN SHED CLADDING Concealed Brilliance: Mirror Stainless steel Camo COLOURS AND MATERIALS mirror polished stainless steel automatic door closer SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT BLENDING IN Transform your traditional garden shed into an invisible oasis with our Mirror Stainless Steel Shed Cladding. Designed to effortlessly blend into the surrounding foliage, the reflective surface of […]

Vandal Resistant Lighting Bollards and Poles

Lighting Bollards UCC

VANDAL RESISTANT LIGHTING BOLLARDS AND POLES Classic Elegance Bollards: Vandal-Resistant Lighting COLOURS AND MATERIALS Galvanised Steel Vandal Resistant Perspex anodite bronze powder coated SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT THE PART OF HERITAGE Introducing a collection of sophisticated and robust lighting solutions designed to enhance public spaces with timeless charm and superior durability. These bollards and poles embody […]

Antique Brass Mirror

Antique Brass Mirror

Antique brass mirror The Vintage Panorama: Satin Brass-Framed Mirror panels Array COLOURS AND MATERIALS satin brass frame antique bronze mirror SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT THE VINTAGE PANORAMA The Vintage Panorama is an exquisite home decor piece that combines the elegance of a satin brass frame with the allure of antique bronze smoked glass panels. The product […]

Fitzwilliam Planter

Vintage Style Planter

fitzwilliam planter Retro Botanicals: Vintage Style Planter COLOURS AND MATERIALS galvanised steel umbra grey powder coated SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT DESERVING OF ITS PLACE The Fitzwilliam Planter is an elegant outdoor planter designed to complement the iconic Fitzwilliam Hall building in Dublin City Centre. Sophisticated details and round handles add a touch of timeless elegance to […]

Bespoke Ottoman

Bespoke Ottoman

Bespoke ottoman Exquisite Brass Craft: Ottoman COLOURS AND MATERIALS satin brass frame fine texture black frame SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT BRASS ELEGANCE This beautiful ottoman with solid brass legs is a chic and versatile piece of furniture designed to elevate any living space. Drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design principles, it combines simplicity, functionality, and timeless aesthetics. […]

Crittall Style Doors

Internal Crittall Style Doors

Crittall Style Doors Timeless Transparence: Modern Crittall Style COLOURS AND MATERIALS clear glass fine texture black frame SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT REIMAGINE THE CLASSIC Crittall style doors are a fusion of timeless elegance and modern functionality, inspired by the iconic steel-framed windows and doors popularized by the Crittall company in the early 20th century. Our concept […]

Smart Digital Keyless In-Wall Parcel Drop

Parcel Drop

SMART DIGITAL KEYLESS IN-WALL PARCEL DROP Smart Safe: In-Wall Elegance COLOURS AND MATERIALS anthracite grey powder coated keyless digital lock SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT PEACE OF MIND Introducing the innovative smart digital keyless in-wall parcel drop that revolutionizes the way you receive packages. Designed to ensure the safety and security of your deliveries, our parcel drop […]

Domestic Slim Intercom Pedestal

Slimline Domestic Pedestal

Domestic Slim Intercom Pedestal Slim Elegance COLOURS AND MATERIALS anthracite grey pedestal video intercom & Keypad SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT ELEGANCE & SECURITY The Slim Intercom Pedestal is a sophisticated front-of-house solution that seamlessly blends into architectural aesthetics. Anthracite grey finish of the pedestal and it’s slim design with video intercom and keypad access, provide an […]

Millennium Bridge Lighting Arches

Millenniun Bridge Dublin

Millenniun Bridge lighting arches The Power of Survey COLOURS AND MATERIALS Brushed Stainless Steel Arches RGB Lights SCROLL DOWN CONCEPT enhance the ambiance Enhancing the urban ambiance, our project involves the installation of captivating lighting arches on the pedestrian bridge located in the city center. These arches will illuminate the bridge and its surroundings, creating a mesmerizing visual experience for pedestrians and enhancing […]