Dual Height Rectangular Pedestal

Dual Height Rectangular Pedestal


• Stainless Steel Brushed Finish
• Aesthetically pleasing and durable
• Allows installation of the equipment at car and truck levels
• Can be used for a variety of access control devices and intercoms
• Devices to be flush mounted
• Fixing Holes and bracketry designed to suit your equipment
• Service Access Door at the back

* Devices such as intercoms, card readers, strobes, etc are not supplied by Prism Engineering Ltd.



• Recommended Height:
– between 2100.0 mm and 2300.0mm
• Section: W150.0 x D100.0 mm


• Stainless Steel 304 Grade
• Finish – Brushed, 320 Grit


• approx. 18.0kg

additional options

Weather Cowl*

Base Plate Cover*

Powder Coating*

316 Marine Grade*

*Additional costs and lead times apply

Product Overview

  • Elegant and resilient, this Dual Height Rectangular Pedestal is a sophisticated solution for various security needs.
  • Allows installation of the equipment at car and truck levels
  • Most often installed for automatic gate entry and exit, car parks, and perimeter access applications.


Please note that this product is available upon request, and lead times will be applicable. Get in touch to find out more.

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