Tilt Down CCTC Camera Poles

Tilt Down CCTV Camera Poles


  • Stable structure suitable for all camera types
  • Suitable for public access areas
  • Demountable winch kits allow for a secure installation whilst also reducing costs on multiple installations
  • Pole adaptations available to suit customers/project specific requirements
  • Option of painting over the galvanised finish in colours available from standard RAL colour charts

* Devices such as intercoms, card readers, strobes, etc are not supplied by Prism Engineering Ltd.



Available in the following height sizes: 4M, 5M, 6M and 8M

  • Constructed and manufactured by Prism in high tensile steel and hot dip galvanised after fabrication for durability

4M – 104 kgs
5M – 118 Kgs
6M – 132 Kgs
8M – 160 Kgs

additional options

Whinch Kit*

Base Cage*

*Additional costs and lead times apply

Product Overview

These poles give you the option to lower the cameras without the need to reach them using a lift, for the facility of easy installation and maintenance without the need of any expensive equipment.
Very popular where maintenance access of camera’s is restricted or limited.
These tubular camera poles, unlike those used for lighting, will provide stable mounting platforms.


Please note that this product is available upon request, and lead times will be applicable. Get in touch to find out more.

All of our products are designed and manufactured in Dublin, Ireland.

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