Cork (Ireland)




In 2019, our client, a prominent technology and security integrator, sought our expertise for a crucial project involving the design and manufacturing of Muster Point Towers, Gate Entry Pedestals, and Pedestrian Door Access Pedestals. The project was commissioned for a substantial industrial pharmaceutical site located in Cork.

The design team faced a unique challenge, requiring us to create products that not only adhered to stringent technical specifications but also seamlessly blended with the sophisticated aesthetics demanded by the high-profile and technologically advanced environment.


The main task was to create:

  1. Four 2.5-meter-tall Muster Points to accommodate the 2N IP Force Intercom and KABA Reader 9110, all enclosed in a perspex surround.
  2. Swan Neck Posts, each 1.2 meters high for gate access.


The final products not only met the technical requirements but also exceeded expectations in terms of aesthetics, successfully integration of devices and the high standards of this highly technological site in Cork.

This case exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that meet the dual demands of technical excellence and aesthetic sophistication in high-profile projects.