Üllő (Hungary




In 2021, Prism Engineering played a crucial role in the design and manufacturing of Muster Point pedestals for a Chinese multinational company based in Hungary.


Our mission was to bring our client’s concept to life and develop a final solution. The unique challenge here was to design a pedestal that not only met the immediate needs but also allowed for future upgrades without the hefty cost of full post replacement. This required an innovative approach.


  1. Muster Point Pedestals, crafted in durable stainless steel with powder-coated finish and adorned with Reflective Emergency vinyl.
    Feature: A removable and replaceable flush-mounting front plate, enabling for future upgrade of equipment, without the cost of full post replacement.
  2. Dual Height Pedestals, intelligently designed to accommodate the 2N IP Force Intercom, HID RP40 Reader equipment, and our client’s custom strobe


Pedestals that not only meet the current needs but are future-proofed for the evolving technology landscape. At Prism Engineering, we don’t just build; we innovate for the long haul.