Monolith Style Pedestal


Prism Engineering have invested in 3D CAD/CAM capabilities in order to assist in facilitating our customers specific needs. From concept to initial design to final manufacture we believe this to be an essential tool in realising projects in the demanding environment we work in.

Our design input allows, architects, specifiers, industrial designers, engineers and clients to feel assured that projects and products will be given the best possible opportunity to make it to the finishing line on time and within budgeted costs.


Prism believe that our best investment is the time spent with our customers on projects. We offer our expertise from our background in engineering and manufacture which when interfaced with our clients’ expertise helps mould the right product for the right application. Our open approach to this essential process ensures our clients that projects and products will succeed.


Using state of the art CNC technology we manufacture parts and products in a wide range of metals and materials including Mild Steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Copper.


Prism Engineering provide a prototyping service for new parts and products.

Contact us more information on our prototyping service.

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